Chobani Event Engagement and SMS database building

Chobani started mobile SMS engagements from both displays and tablet (kiosk) landing pages at events. Their summer marketing events consisted of taking trailers to festivals, games, and other events to hand-out free samples to people at those events. Their on-site representatives would hand-out the samples and engage with their potential clients to type their mobile number into the tablets or engage from the on-screen displays. When the consumers engages they would then receive an instant SMS message that delivered a coupon for a future purchase as well as drive them with an SMS-embedded link to Twitter. Here they encouraged their potential clients to engage with Twitter and hashtag #Chobani creating a viral element to their event marketing.

Multiple components were involved that made these events a success. The investment Chobani made to be at the events was catapulted with the added value of gathering mobile phone numbers for future remarketing via SMS. The initial engagement was linked to Social media garnering tweets that spread the word and consisted of viral free marketing and awareness growth. The end results were continued engagement, lead capture and remarketing efforts, and social growth from their events. The immediate coupon engagement allowed for tracking of the mobile coupons as well and proved ROI on the mobile events for Chobani.

SMS Marketing Case Study – Kiehl’s Experiences 73% Redemption Rate

Kiehl’s used in-store signage, email marketing and social media to promote the use of their SMS Campaign, which they dubbed Kiehl’s Alerts. The cosmetic company had two opt-in methods, one being signing up online, which you can see here (or in the image below), and the second being texting the SMS keyword “KIEHLS” to the SMS short code.

After signing up online or texting “KIEHLS”, customers were asked to agree to share their location with Kiehl’s so that cosmetic company could send up to three location based text alerts a month, generally when a customer was within a certain radius of one of Kiehls’ 45 test stores.

After the six month pilot program, Kiehl’s found that 73% of their customers that had signed up for their SMS marketing campaign had made a purchase, and 81% of respondents to a survey sent out after the pilot program recalled receiving SMS marketing messages from Kiehl’s. That means out of the customers that recalled receiving SMS marketing messages from Kiehl’s, 90% of them made a purchase in-store during that six month pilot program. Great results.

Retail Store

It’s common that brands can see as much as 3-5X better coupon redemption rates when comparing SMS couponing to email couponing. Here is some results that a retailer achieved with an extremely impressive mobile coupon redemption rate. As reported by Experian, this 101 location retailer has on average seen a 94% mobile coupon redemption rate.

Some other statistics about this retailer’s mobile campaign.

Weekly Subscriber Growth Rate: 4,000+
Subscriber Database Size: 350,000+
Annual Subscriber Value: $108.19

Marcus Theatres Text2Win

Marcus Theatres started working with shared short codes for a campaign to give away a replica of the Terminator Genisys head from the actual Studio. Movie buffs were blown away when the replica was actually present in some of the theatres during different stages of the Text2Win contest. All the users had to do was text in the word Marcus to the short code and they instantly received a response stating that they were entered to win.

This marketing plan had two components. The first was to provide a fun interaction between Marcus Theatres and the Terminator fans. The second was to build a database of Movie Buffs that were Sci-Fi fans. The second text message sent to each of the opt-ins stated that they were also opting in to receive future coupons, deals, and savings from Marcus Theatres along with the standard disclaimers.

The end result was fantastic. Now Marcus Theatres promoting this in all of their theatres across the nation built thousands of opt-ins. These very specific group of people Marcus theatres knew to be Sci-Fi fans, thus allowing them to send out future Sci-Fi movie trailers, offers for discount tickets, drive Loyalty club sign-ups, offer Popcorn and other incentives to drive additional sales throughout the year. Final results were just as expected. The database proved to be one that when the targeted SMS messages were delivered to the list of opt-ins, the resulting additional transactions provided to Marcus exceeded the ROI anticipated as more than 20% of the databases clicked through to view the trailers and offers, and many came in and redeemed or bought tickets.