We offer a variety of services to our clients including


In the time of social media, it is now easier than ever for your customers to write about their experiences and for potential customers to read about them.  That is why we monitor for comments, emphasis the positive, and notify you on how to deal with the negatives.


Social media is now one of the largest markets for reaching current and potential customers, yet companies often do not see big numbers of followers.  We work with you to help create engaging posts so that those customers will follow you and be reminded of your great products and services.


From Adwords to Facebook Ads to Pinterest Ads and Yelp Ads.  We are here to help you navigate through all these type of AD options and work with you to identify the budget and best campaigns for the best return on your money spent.


From SMS/Text Messaging to Voice Broadcast, Ringless Voicemail Drops, Broadcast email, and campaign specific landing pages, we are always working with the newest technology and concepts to integrate them into our customers' marketing strategy.


Marketing is often more than just creating a coupon or making a post on social media.  We are here to help you plan out how to reach your goals and business needs as they involve your marketing strategy.


We can help you do a review of competitors to get feedback for new products. We will work within your budget to get you the most info we can.


The internet is full of wrong or outdated information. We work with our clients to update over 100 different sites and systems to make sure that your info is correct.


We work with our customers to understand what they are looking to accomplish and then help determine the best platforms for them.

While Google Adwords is one of the most known and largest outreach of any platform, that means you really need to optimize what you are doing.  It is easy for someone to just waste money and not receive good traffic.  The cost per click is usually higher, so success is very dependant on your skill and experience when working with them.

Facebook Ads is also one of the more well known advertising, and has a lower cost per acquisition.  Yet facebook takes several months for the ad system to optimize, and typically traffic is slow to start. Having dynamic content and a solid facebook page is very important to the success of your facebook ads.

When looking to target people with higher end jobs, then LinkedIn is a great place to do this.  But with that, comes more complexity and a higher cost.  They have 3 different ad programs that you can work with, Sponsored InMail, Display Ads, and Dynamic Ads.  

Twitter is great for brand recognition type campaigns because it puts ads in both feeds and search content.  Yet, because the ads are not always relevant with the search that was made, targeted marketing is not always fruitful.

Bing/Yahoo Ads are similar to Adwords in the fact that it is very widely used and needs to be well optimized.  Typically, Bing is less expensive than Adwords, but often the traffic is also lower.  It does not mean that Bing can not be successful, often less traffic can be more focused traffic.

Pinterest has jumped out as being a good way to drive traffic to a website, but it is for a very specific audience.  While Pinterest has made it easy to share information, you will want to be careful to only put time in if you have the right products that are searched for.

Recently, Instagram has made it easier for a company to share info like address and email, so this has started to grow in the advertisement space.  Because it is so niche specific, many brands will not do as well on Instagram. If you have something that can be photographed easy, or can show people using it, then you have a good shot at success.

StumbleUpon may be a low volume type site, but the paid discovery is a low cost way to generate traffic.  Plus, since it is putting your add into feeds based on interest, there is a good chance the traffic it drives is actually interested in what you are selling.

Optimizing every area of your business!

With reputation monitoring, market research, social media, and cutting edge marketing technology, we can help you expand your recognition and reach new customers. Focus your efforts on running your business, and let us focus on getting your name out.


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