Dispute Management



When a dispute is identified, then we get to work by gathering all of the data needed to deal with the corresponding dispute. This can include invoice copies, CDR data, Contract Data, Rate Notice, or any other info needed depending on the nature of the dispute.


Once all the information has been gathers we will then analyze everything to identify the differences from the invoiced data and the internal data. We will learn what created the delta and compare to known info like rate updates or contract language to identify if the issues are commercial or technical in nature.


Once our analysis is complete we will then create both internal and external reports.  Internal reports will identify all info associated to the dispute. External reports will be the summary and detail data that can be provided back to the company that is the other side of the dispute, and is sanitized for their viewing.

Pricing Breakdown

By the Hour

2 Hour Minimum on New Dispute Profile

Billing done in Half hour Increments.

PDF reports and information will have Powered By Vera Networks on footers.

Basic Retainer

All interaction is done internally with our Customer.

Data collection and tracking is done by our Customer.

PDF reports and information will have Powered By Vera Networks.

VIP Retainer

Vera's Customer will notify Vera of a dispute via an internal Customer domain email address.

Vera will interact direct with the disputed carriers to collect all data and track process, but done so via Customer's Domain without any mention of Vera.

Dispute History will be tracked for trend analysis.

Internal billing analysis for chronic disputes done upon request.

Weekly Meeting to discuss trend or current status.

PDF reports and information will have no branding.


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