Dispute Managment

We have been dealing with disputes for over a decade with companies from large Tier 1 carriers to International Arbitrage companies. We can help you offload the gathering and analysis of all the data and provide you with the reports you need to bring your disputes to resolution.

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Digital Marketing

We help Service Providers, Wholesale Carriers, and Telecom Product companies with any of their marketing needs.  From Social Media management to Reputation monitoring, and SEO, SEM, and collateral creation.  We come from the telecom industry, so we know the lingo and can help drive recognition in the industry.

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Technical Consulting

With our technical and business expertise, we can help your team with things like Project Management, Software Evaluations, Product Acquisition, Network Design, or Troubleshooting within a voice or software company.  Need someone to user test a new software product, or help you figure out the solution you need for your next product, we can help.

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Looking for the right solution for your next project?

Your company has a new goal, project, or product they want to offer. Finding the right solution to meet the needs for it is not always simple, and often takes time and distracts your internal team from doing the job they normally do.
Sometimes that is a buy vs build evaluation, or it is a review of existing products to decide the best fit, or market research before building requirements for internal development.
Let us help you do the legwork so decisions can be made and the project or goal can be achieved timely.

Reach out to us and discuss how we can help.